Mylot member growth significantly

@icecubic (1851)
December 16, 2009 11:42am CST
Firstime i join this site, i found the member about 180 thousands but now it was more than 192 thousands and the total amount growing everytime. Do you think this site will be so popular like facebook?
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• United States
6 Oct 10
It certainly can be bigger than facebook as if all world wide members found out that that myLot pays for the very same thing you do on facebook, where as you do not get paid there. Besides the payment myLot is a more interactive site as many FB users are too busy and really do not provide much assistance outside of sharing a quite one-liner status and no on on FB continues a long threaded chat to really help each other out like mylot members here do.
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@skris35 (12)
• United States
18 Dec 09
Hey anything is possible. Mylot engages ppl in healthly discusions (as long as they make it this way for themselves). It's not playing games and all that., but there is that added bonus: MONEY! hahaha. It may take time but the pyarmids weren't built overnight! The more we share the faster and easier the world will get out. The best form of adverstiement is word of mouth!
@maezee (33460)
• United States
17 Dec 09
Hopefully! I know that Facebook has MANY MANY more people on it than MyLot. But still. It's such a growing community here! It's great! I'm glad that so many more people are getting involved. It just makes it all the more interesting. When I joined, the number was actually 162K, and that was last February, I think. It's amazing to think that over 30,000 people have joined since.
• Philippines
16 Dec 09
hello there ice, but wheni joined here the number of the population is only 10 thousand plus but we got over here thanks a lot for prayers