What is your favorite Stephen Kong book and why?

December 16, 2009 2:07pm CST
Mine is 'The Shining'-What an incredible story!
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• Canada
17 Dec 09
The Stand. I read it one summer when I was pretty young and it just sort of stuck with me. I think it was also the first book that my father and I both read and enjoyed. Either way I've read it numerous times since then and still enjoy it every time.
17 Dec 09
I was really glad that no one began calling H1N1 'captain trips'-that wouldve creeped me out...
@maezee (34086)
• United States
16 Dec 09
I haven't read all that many of Stephen King's books..But "Cujo" scared the crap outta me about 5 years ago when I first read it. OMG! It was a really good book, only because it scared me so much (and actually made me sort-of afraid of dogs..Thanks, Stephen).
16 Dec 09
Yeah,I agree-Cujo rocked
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
24 Oct 11
Stephen King's books are remarkable for the skill with which the author just describes circumstances, events, moods, and tremble that disturb one who reads it. It's so intense feeling of fear, that says somewhere that the author himself is scared of what you write. Nothing specific topics such writings are not missing from the work of King, as the author whose books have made ??many films such scenarios: vampires, zombies, telekinesis, ghosts, etc.. The Stand is my favorite.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
4 Apr 10
Mine is Pet Sematary by Stephen King. Louis Creed moves with his family in a new neighbourhood. I am an animal lover so his story got my attention since I lost my 12 1/2 year old collie. According to the story they try to bury the family cat and it comes back to life. Rather creepy but it is interesting to probe into such things.!
@laurenban (194)
• Philippines
22 Mar 10
Mine is 'Salem's Lot...i've read it countless times already
• Australia
25 Feb 10
My favourite Stephen King story would be "The body" Its part of the book "Different Seasons" which contains 4 non horror stories of Kings. The Body was also adapted into what is my favourite movie "Stand By Me" in 1986. The two arent identicle but I still like to read the book as well even though I do say that I like the movie better.
• United States
7 Feb 10
Who the heck is Stephen Kong? (Funny thing is if you use the other first and last names that are mistakenly left over you get - King King....lol). Oh mine fave book of SK is The Stand.
• South Africa
6 Feb 10
Carrie and pet sematary are the best stephen king novels. Both are creepy and kind of sad.
• South Africa
5 Feb 10
I would have to say carrie and pet sematary were my best
@Thiala (102)
• United States
24 Jan 10
Mine is Cell . I don't know why but for some reason I just found that one really scary and hard to put down . If you haven't read it you should , it's really good !
• United States
30 Dec 09
I love his stories but sometimes his writing gets the better of me. He tends to be a little long winded in the novels so, even though I loved the original movie, anything as long as the Shining would probably totally kick my a$$. But I loved Carrie and Firestarter. When I list my personal heroes, I include Charlie McGee. She's one awesomely tough little girl.
@Allie_xoxo (1064)
• Canada
30 Dec 09
I loved Carrie and couln't put it down...the perfect highschool revenge.
@Sandy2052 (103)
• India
19 Dec 09
'the shining' ofcourse