what will your new year resolution be???

@vikkiz (519)
December 16, 2009 4:42pm CST
I really really want to give up smoking ive been smoking for 9 years now and its beginning to get on my nerves ive tryed giving up loads of times and can never seem to do it. smoking is my one release of stress. I have a four year old son and because of him i smoke outside rather than making him breath in my deathly smoke, so every winter im in the back garden freezing my backside off all for my little white stick! I truly hope i will succeed this time not only for my health but for all the extra money i will be saving!! what will your new year resolution be??
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@dragon54u (31651)
• United States
18 Dec 09
I might quit smoking, too. Even though I live alone, I won't subject my dogs to smoke so I smoke outside and it is COLD!!! I quit once before and I can do it again! You might find this helpful, it helped me quit a few years ago: http://www.aebersold.com/quiteasy_form.htm NOT A REFERRAL LINK!!! It's free and makes a lot of sense. I just downloaded it again, it's free. I don't usually make resolutions because they are so unrealistic. But I hope to get healthier in the next year and make a life for myself besides sitting here writing all day just to make a few bucks.