Do you do exercise in the morning or other time?

@kevinll (967)
December 16, 2009 6:40pm CST
Different people can select different time to do some exercise. Someone like to do exercise in the morning,other can choose everning. I do not like to get up early. But I heard of the best exercise time is not in the morning. I prefer to go to gym after lunch time or evening. When do you begin to do exercise in a day?
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• Philippines
17 Dec 09
Hi. I don't exercise regularly. And I rarely exercise in the morning. I wake up early but I just feel so lazy to exercise. I prefer to sit in front of my computer and sip a coffee. But when I was still working, I usually go to the company gym and exercise at night. Lately, my husband and I always jog/walk on a public park near our house every weekend morning.
@barehugs (8992)
• Canada
17 Dec 09
I do Yoga every morning of the week except Sunday when I take a break. The class lasts 45 minutes, and I've been doing yoga for almost 40 years. I credit yoga for my very good health and the fact that I am able to enjoy my work at age 76. I manage 400 colonies of honey bees, and do most of the work myself. If you look at my avatar you will see me doing the Seated Forward Bend. In this asana my eyes are on my toes with elbows and knees flat on the floor. It took quite a few years to perfect this pose. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise!
• United States
17 Dec 09
I prefer to exercise in the afternoon, I like to get up in the morning have my coffee, watch some TV and eat breakfast. If I have a lot of house work like cleaning to get done I prefer doing it in the afternoon because I'm already going to sweat while doing things around the house. I figure why exercise in the morning, get sweaty and shower than go clean the house in the afternoon when I'm only going to have to take another shower. I use to go to the gym at night when I could afford it because I went with a couple close friends and it was fun to go with others and it worked out better around my work schedule at the time. Right now I can exercise anytime I want though because I can use my neighbors Ab Lounge and Treadmill or I can go for a walk if I choose or do simple exercise in my own home. I just prefer the afternoon and always have for some reason, I want to feel awake and not as if I'm falling asleep if I were to exercise in the morning not too long after I wake up.
@Ford666UK (103)
17 Dec 09
I do mine in the morning as it's easier and also when I'm most motivated to do it