cook cook cook..

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December 20, 2009 2:57pm CST
Ah the joy of holidays, families coming together, kids laughing, christmas movies on tv. Its a wonderful time of the year and we all should be thankful this is yet another year that has apssed us by. But I have to admit. I cant wait for the holidays to end. I feel like all i have done within the last few months is cook, cook, cook. I tried to talk my hubby into helping me cook but we both agreed that would be a disaster as i cant even get him to cook a regular meal unless he can pop it in the microwave. lol. I cant wait to eat but at the same time. i cant wait to finish cooking. Are you excited for Christmas dinner?
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@mentalward (14716)
• United States
21 Dec 09
I am. I do almost all of our holiday cooking. My husband is like yours. He can cook a hotdog and can heat things up in the microwave but that's about it. Oh, my bad, he can make a bowl of cereal. My youngest son loves to cook and he does help me a bit. He comes early to help me with pies, then helps to organize the rest of the meal. My oldest son has the job of making mashed potatoes. He has done this since he was old enough to sit on the counter and hold the hand mixer. (He was so cute when he was little!) Other than that, though, it's up to me. I love putting these meals together. Being the family matriarch, I'm expected to do this and, luckily, it's something I really do enjoy, although it IS tiring! I'm always totally exhausted by the end of the day and let the cleanup wait until the next morning. I have everything I'll need for Christmas dinner already. I WAS expecting 10 people to be here but I'm afraid the weather is going to alter our plans. We're supposed to be getting freezing rain on Christmas day and some people are coming from another State. I have the feeling they'll be staying home. Actually, I'd prefer them to stay home if there's freezing rain because it is exceptionally hazardous to try and drive on ice. You just can't do it! If worse comes to worst, I'll postpone our Christmas dinner for the following weekend. Oh, I'll already have cooked the turkey but I can always freeze it. I would much rather celebrate Christmas a week late than insist that everyone come on Christmas day and possibly never make it because they've had an accident. As Erma Bombeck wrote, "Life Is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans."
@ladym33 (11009)
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20 Dec 09
Yes, But I get to be excited about it because I don't have to cook it. I do Thanksgiving so I don't have to do any cooking for Christmas or Christmas Eve, my mom cooks Christmas Eve and my Sister in Law does Christmas so all I have to do it bring a dessert to share and show up. Since I make cookies and fudge anyways that is easy peasy.