Is Yahoo beefing up their security measures, or is it just me?

@maezee (33461)
United States
December 20, 2009 10:22pm CST
I logged into my account today to be sent back to the original page, to log in and then type a Captcha (assuming for security reasons). And then I was prompted to a page that asked me to create a NEW password because of what they believe to be "suspicious activity". I was really surprised, because in my ... 7 years of having a Yahoo email account, never have I encountered this type of security measure. I don't think my email is being hacked into or anything.. But better safe than sorry, right? I didn't make this discussion to complain, but I was very surprised because it seemed like a very UN-Yahoo thing to do : to actually try to protect my account and information in it. Has this happened to anyone else latelY?
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• India
21 Dec 09
Yes I have had this kind of experience before I think 10-12 times in last 9 years
@jpertin (60)
• India
21 Dec 09
That is strange. any thing like that never happen to me. Are you login to your yahoo account after long gap i mean after 4 weeks or more?.