Rich Nations, Great Nations -- How to identify them!

@vjagra (147)
December 21, 2009 4:00am CST
Humans have a peculiar quality -- they can't live at peace for much long. They wage war to make peace, and yet remain restless. Richer a nation is, the more restless its people are -- the scientific proof lies in the tons of tranquilizers they consume. There is another fail-proof way to identify rich nations -- they create maximum waste. Flipping the argument -- poor nations are poor because they can't make enough garbage! They simply lack resources to do that! You see, small nations wage wars. Great nations wage world-wars because they are simply too great to do small things. Quite often, they go to another continent to wage war; and before going there they prepare proper ground. Fighting some small disobedient dictator is below dignity, so they demonify him, or cook up evidences of some weapons of mass destruction which never existed. Did you see what happened at Copenhagen? The present Great nations and would be great nations had great dialogue for two weeks but failed to take steps at par with their great status. There is a typical problem with being great, you can't make agreements. Please mention other characteristics of great nations.
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