What's the silliest thing you've ever done or experienced?? Fun moments...hahaha

@pumeza (56)
South Africa
December 21, 2009 1:47pm CST
One of my fun moments was when I was in grade 10, we were in class and suddenly a stink evaporated in the class room, a huge stink that the teacher got so embarassed and asked us who farted, no body answered but we all knew who it was. Teacher got so angry that he accused some of the pupils...meanwhile it was HIM. On this day our teacher decided not to teach and look for the one who farted...we were all laughing until he decided to punish us but still it didnt change the fact He was the one that made the fart.
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@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
21 Dec 09
hi pumeza we had a Halloween party here at this retirement center and all who wanted to were asked to come in costume. George a large man who is the president of the residents did the funniest thing of all. He borrowed a dress from a female large lady and bra and even silk stocking, and a wig. He came in with one boob higher than the other, and he pulled up his skirt to show off his lovely gams. we were almost in hysterics as he pranced around the room, flirting with all the male residents and once in awhile pushing up the drooping boob. of course he won first prize as he was so utterly fun. I think the misplaced falsies really was the finishing tou ch to his outfit. He got more applause than any of the other entries. it was a fun evening.
@pumeza (56)
• South Africa
22 Dec 09
I can only imagine, that was really good!! I hope to see George one day...lol
@MultiGod (86)
• Indonesia
22 Dec 09
When I was primary 6, one of my friend is showing of his blackberry. I ignored it, yes. When a prefect came, he confiscated his blackberry and he cried for 3 hours. The sound he made was really weird. It made us laugh as he cried. The teacher had to kick him out of the class.