What do you think about people other than you race?

United States
December 22, 2009 12:07am CST
Okay, i know there are lot of stereotypes in all races. I am Asian, but i treat other races as the same kind. I get friends from all races, i like to talk with different people and knowing their stuff and lifestyle and culture. So how do you guys think about other races? Do you discriminate them or Have you ever do that? Let me know your race and how to you think about other. No insulting or offensive comments.
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@maezee (30159)
• United States
22 Dec 09
Of course we treat other races the same way as we'd like to be treated..that's the golden rule, isn't it? It's pretty sad that some people, in this day and age especially, are still holding on to predjudices that are based off of nothing but lies and stereotypes. I grew up in a pretty.. diverse atmosphere (I live in a bigger city) so racism has never been an issue for me or anyone around me. I've made friends of all races and I can't imagine ever holding a grudge against someone just because of what their ancestor's backgrounds are. *shrugs*