Boss insulting and slapping employee in front of other staff

@bhawanee (174)
December 22, 2009 9:32am CST
Today morning i had been to office. Our Managing Director arrived at office and he was not in a good mood. One of our office boy was sitting on a chair and arranging news paper. Our boss went there and gave a slap to that office boy for no reason and went to his cabin. Later that office boy gave his resignation letter to our branch head and left office. In the evening as per the daily routine all documents were to be submitted to our Managing Director for approval. I suggested my branch head to submit office boy's resignation letter for approval. After half an hour we saw office boy entering our office and straight away he went to MD's cabin and after few minutes office boy came out happily and he told us that MD has not accepted his resignation and asked for apology. MD has given him an assurance that from the month of February 2010 there will be hike in office boys salary.
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
22 Dec 09
Hi, bhawanee. This boss cannot possibly make up for slapping his employee by giving him a raise of some sort. What is wrong with him? It is wise to forgive his boss, but I would not work for anyone that hits me in my face. That is against an job's policy. This boss could have went to jail and the employee could have pressed charges against him too. This is very messed up! I wonder what got into this boss that would pressure him to slap his employee like that? I understand that he was in a bad mood, but that gave him no right to just go around slapping people. I am surprised that this employee did not slap him back. I would have been resigning regardless of any raise that I may receive. I would not want a raise from someone that put their hands on my face!
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
22 Dec 09
well, that is certainly horrible! if you all were here in canada, the office boy could complain to the government for abuse and the boss would be in a lot of hot water for sure!
@Wizzywig (7859)
22 Dec 09
I wonder if the Mnaging Directors decision may have been more by way of protecting himself from an assault charge? That was appalling behaviour on his part and he should be compensating the boy with the higher rate of pay and treating him with some respect from now on.