have you ever wondered what the smartest dog in the world is?

United States
December 23, 2009 8:45am CST
I was sitting here, watching my dogs teach the pup we just got how to fight and play. I think it's really cool that it's not just my female dog doing it, but my male dog as well. I got to thinking , does anyone really know what the smartest dog is? Do any of your dogs do anything cool like that?
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• Canada
28 Dec 09
Puppies should never be purchased before 8 WEEKS OLD; 8 WEEKS OLD. I f purchased before that time they never learn how to associate properly, because the parents never have the time to show them proper behaviour with other dogs or people. Then they can be shown simple things like go out to do their thang, sit shake paw etc. Then they can be like my dogs to sit , down, stay, growl when other people pick up their leash when left alone. Open doors, knock phone off the hook when we r calling the house, hanging up the phone, and all the things a dog should know. REMEMBER ALWAYS LUV/ CARE FOR YOUR DOG/ PET, THEY WILL ALWAYS LUV U...
@minx267 (14570)
• Hartford, Connecticut
24 Dec 09
Well, besides wolves the smartest dogs are Border Collies and Poodles.
@Java09 (3085)
• United States
23 Dec 09
My dog does some cool things.I have to say just about every breed there is ,they say it's a smart dog.It's kind of hard to think which is the smartest out of all.I have a lhasa apso,he was pretty easy to teach tricks to,he picked it up quickly.He rolls over,speaks when told,stays until commanded to go,he walks around on his two back legs which is very cute.