response to al-qaida attack on u.s. soil simply not good enough.

United States
December 26, 2009 12:57am CST
If you have not heard by now, We have had another significant terrorist attack attempt on U.S. soil. This time a Nigerian man who admitedly has links to Al Qaida attempted to use explosives hidden on his body to bring down a Northwest Airlines plane carrying 278 passengers and 11 crew while it was preparing to land in Detroit MI. Early details are still coming out, but according to the Associated Press the man was subdued by passengers after they heard a loud pop and saw smoke. The explosive device was a mixture of powder and liquid, and although the man was said to have been badly burned, the device failed to detonate. The plane was an international flight having departed from Amsterdam. Ladies and gentlemen this incident should never have been allowed to happen. Security measures at the airport in Amsterdam obviously failed miserably, and as a result we nearly lost another 289 people to terrorism in our skies. Not to mention any destruction, and death or injury this would have caused on the ground. I don't pretend to have all the answers, and I know it is unrealistic to say that the United States; or any other country for that matter will never suffer another terrorist attack. However we as citizens of this world should expect just that from our leaders, and the people in charge of our security. After 911 the U.S. completely changed there procedure in airport security as a result of those tragic events. In my opinion I think it's time the leaders of the world come together, and revise all airport, and other transit security worldwide. We must have strict regulations all around the world, and they must be followed without fail. While we as citizens and passengers will inevitably give up some creature comforts, and be subject to greater scrutiny while flying, It is plain and simple, better than dying. The scariest thing about this incident is that this man did successfully make his attempt to detonate the explosives he carried. The failure here was not his attempt, the failure was the explosives themselves. This is simply not good enough for me. What do you think?
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@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
3 Jan 10
Hi ravenblade, well what kind of respose would you expect, a true one. US government holds up its hands and says we really cocked up with this one, WHY did we give the guy a visa when he was already on our known intelligence list of suspected fraternising of terrorist types. Why spend all those tax paying dollars to collect all this information and then do nothing at all with it?