Proverbs and Truth

@bhawanee (174)
December 26, 2009 12:02pm CST
I have seen many people quoting proverbs in between their discussions. Recently as i was discussing with my friend about changing my job, then he quoted that since the recession is going on therefore it is better to wait for the right time. In this discussion he quoted that A Bird in Hand is better than two in Bush. I simply laughed and ignored his quotation. But today my son was asking me to join him in some good tuition and I quoted my wife saying Better Late Than Never as it is already late. Can we imagine our life without proverbs? Can any one define the role of proverbs in our daily life?
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@msq516 (61)
• China
28 Dec 09
proverbs can impart us knowledge, give us inspiration and make our statements convincing. but sometimes proverbs may be improper in some situations. but it does not mean proverbs are false but because everything has its limitations. we can believe in proverbs but at the same time, we should combine them with certain situation.