Serial killer on the loose in a town close to me!!

United States
December 29, 2009 8:01pm CST
There is a guy that is on the loose close to our town that has a cop light on and is pulling women over and stabbing them. This is such a scary thought. He posed as a policeman and then when he gets you pulled over he attacks. It's so scary to think it is happening fifteen miles away from me. The world is such a cruel place and so many bad things happen here. There are so many wirdos around here I hate it so much. Noone can be trusted now a days. This guy is still on the loose and I never stay home alone and never travel alone. It's is just to dangerous now a days.
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31 Dec 09
I hate it when people that are like that are on the loose. It's so scary! At school we have this thing called lock down. It's where a prisoner is the on the loose and the school locks us in rooms and wont open it up for anyone besides the teachers with the keys! It's so scary!
@stephcjh (32327)
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30 Dec 09
Yes. It is very dangerous these days. I do not go out alone either because of it. I would be so scared also. I hope they catch this killer soon and put him where he belongs. That is very scary.