World endings signs- Is this one of them?

December 30, 2009 12:41am CST
Hi All, I was wondering about the climate change allover earth. winters are late. rains are not sufficent, summers are hot. I had a dream / say wish that i want to travell the world to see natures greatest creation but now i think i wont be able to see them. As the climate is changing we are at grave danger. cant we stop this? I think we have to do our bit to save the earth. Or our children wont be able to see the gods creation. Do you think this is the world's ending sign?
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@drannhh (15240)
• United States
30 Dec 09
This climate change is highly politicized. Do not worry. Earth was created to be enjoyed and it is not as fragile as some people think. I certainly do not think it is a sign of the world's ending. The world will go on with or without you and me.
• India
31 Dec 09
Hi drannhh, thank for the responce.. You are right the world will go on without us. :)