Lots to cook... can't myLot that much!

December 30, 2009 11:18pm CST
Hi everyone! I have turned on my computer since this morning and so far, I have replied to a couple of discussions only. I have been very busy cooking since this morning. I am grabbing a few minutes off to post this discussion. I am busy cooking and preparing food for New Year's Eve. My dad will do his share later tonight. Once I'm done with all the cooking and baking, I will be back here on myLot to start some discussions and respond to other discussions.
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4 Jan 10
I usually just get on here when I have time too. I'm a teen and I like to go places instead of sit at home. time flies by on here though. there are alot of different discussions and I like them all. I find this site awesome!
@AmbiePam (50759)
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1 Jan 10
Sounds like you're going to have a busy New Year's Eve and New Year. I hope you have fun.
31 Dec 09
Hi dolce_vita78, I am also doing the cooking, Iam in and out of the kitchen and on to my computer, its terrible but I can't stay away from my putter, have to go back into the kitchen, bye for now. Tamara
@stephcjh (32327)
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31 Dec 09
Wow. It sounds like you are and will be very busy with your cooking. I have not decided what we will have to eat for today and tomorrow yet. I think we will have a nice meal though tomorrow.