2 friends, 1 making trouble like old times. what to do?

United States
December 31, 2009 6:49pm CST
so i found my old childhood/high school best friend like about 2 years ago. we live 1 1/2 away from each other. so when we can we go and hang out together. we are from the same neighborhood and try to meet up there. well we became best friends again and decided to do the facebook and yahoo and all the other social networking together. there is another girl who goes on facebook and we know her very well. her mom just died so i thought it was nice for me to pay my last respects to her and her family. so i went. my bff couldnt come cause she lives to far and her husband had the car since he worked that day. well this girl lately has been staking us on the facebook watching everything we say and talk about. lately she has said i was her bff. its so crazy. we are in our 30's guess some people just dont change. we have good conversations but seems like she is having friend trouble. (always fighting with people). just dont know what to do. should we just play along, ignore her(but then she has no one), or what???? me and my real bff talk and it seems like the other girl is jealous of us and want to break up or friendship. i dont want to play high school again. its so frusterating but then again i dont want to seem mean. any suggestions. thanks
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@celticeagle (121154)
• Boise, Idaho
2 Jan 10
It's nice that you have reconnected. I think sometimes people have problems in their personal life and choose to take it out on their friends. I would just try to laugh it off. Be cordial and try to be positive. If she continues I just wouldn't spend much time. Maybe if you back away if she continues then she will ask why and you can bring some things to her attention in a tactful manner at that time.
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
1 Jan 10
i learn along time ago, be striahgt up and honest with her what she is doing that buggy you and the others. i found when you are honest with people you get more respect from them and others. i had to do this to this dude who used to hang out with us but he used to do things that would gross other out. so i told him straight up. good luck