Do You Think Testing is a Challenging Job? Why?

January 2, 2010 9:31am CST
Many Software Test Engineers out there think that Testing is really a challenging job. Well here is the forum people where you can express your thought. Please tell us why do you think testing is a challenging job?
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• India
6 Jan 10
Testing job is challenging because, its tester who owns the responsibility of discovering as much as possible issues before it goes to customer. If a tester is not good enough, defect lekeage will increase which may lead to business loss for the company. Ultimately that may come back to the same tester as a result. While testing application Tester has to establish and maintain the relations with the developers, at the same time tester is telling the developer - "hey there is a bug in your code" which is not easy.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
6 Jan 10
Software testing is really a challenging job because it is the final gateway before the product goes and hits the market. If the testers don't catch issues and they come back as bugs or feature defects, it costs the companies that much more to fix such issues. So Software testing is key job and it is a very challenging one. Another important aspect of software testing is finding a good balance between product feature testing and the software technology testing as technology can also cause issues at some places. Cheers! Ram
• China
2 Jan 10
First of all ,we must be clear that the product quality is better inthe end to what extent? If a tester is not a prefectionist,and the military did not bloody on the same simply is not suited to test.