my biggest dream of Yr 2010 is to get married, what is your dream of Yr 2010?

January 2, 2010 10:13am CST
After I had my 24th birthday on Nov. 5th 2009, my parents having been urging me to have a boyfriend and get married soon. But it is a little hard for me as I haven't find my Mr. right now. So it becomes the my premier dream to find a good man to get married in 2010, hoping that can come true. so, my friends, would you like to share dreams of Yr2010 with me and share your attitude towards love and marriage?
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@maezee (34568)
• United States
2 Jan 10
Love and marriage..Are good. . Good luck with your goal to get married, but just remember..These things take time. Although you might really want to be married, keep in mind, these things will happen when they're meant to happen, which might not necessarily be in 2010. Yes, getting pressure from your family isn't always a good thing..But keep in mind, also, that it's your life and that you can't CHOOSE when it's right to marry - you don't choose when to fall in love. The reality is that it.. chooses us. And we have no control over it.
• China
3 Jan 10
Yeah, Thank you ,lol. Love do take time. Once a friend told me that don't spend time on a man who is not willing to spend time on you. That's right. However people sometimes tend to be emotional and stubborn. I know I should not wait for him any longer for I am 24 now. I don't have enough time to wait for a man who don't give me any promise. So I make a decision for the new year to find a man who love me more and who can make me happy .And if our relationship is stable and mature, I will make a plan for our life together, maybe marriage in the following year. As for love and marriage. I agree with what you said that we don't choose when to fall in love and when to get married. Things will happen when it meant to happen. What i can do now is to enjoy and appreciate my life today and welcome each day with a sweet smile bcos you don't know when a man will fall in love with your smile, hehe. I believe cupid will give a shot this year.