Why should we belive in god...?

January 2, 2010 10:52pm CST
Still now why are we beliving in god...?
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• India
3 Jan 10
I believe in God and i strongly feel that there is some mysterious force controlling all our day to day activities and we are all moving according to that force.God is bigger than the biggest (so big the universe is within Him).God is subtler than the smallest thing a human mind could conceive.God resides in the heart of every living being.God is the supreme creator of the universe.he Vedas state in scores of scriptural verses that everything is God. That Divinity is one without a second, beyond all forms, names and qualities. That divinity is an existence that is eternally imperishable and indivisible. Everything is one with God in its essential nature, including you as a soul. There is only one field of absolute Being where all divisions and separations merge into one existence.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
3 Jan 10
Well, it is always a choice.. But Scientific studys have show people who believe, and certain types of prayer are good for stress reduction, increasing hope, and even seritonin to over all mske you feel better. I know in the end if I was wrong about my beliefs in the Higher Powers, I would not be upset for prayer, worship, or my rituals.. because I Know it has improved my quality of life for myself.. and when times were their worse.. it kept me going.. when nothing else would. - DNatureofDTrain