Have you ever given, or do you give money to the homeless?

United States
January 3, 2010 11:36pm CST
Have you ever done this? If so, how much? I have before but, I must say I am very skeptical as to why they are out there. I am sure that some are up to no good, but some may just really be in a horrible situation. What about you?
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@ronnyb (6119)
• Jamaica
5 Jan 10
I always do that .Sometimes I do taht in the form of donations to charitable organizations such as Salvation Army .Other times I give to people who I see on the streets .Yes some of them are in horrible conditions and serious effort should really go into taking them off the streets and putting them into some home
• United States
4 Jan 10
There are alot of real homeless people out there, but their are some who are total fakes. Here's a funny story about that. My mother once asked a homeless man she had been giving food or coffee to on her way to work off and on, "I all seriousness how much do you make asking people for money" He replied with a smile on his face "About 40000 a year". So not all homeless are what they seem. If you want to help someone dont give them money, give them breakfast, or a cup of coffee when its cold.
@arystine (1275)
• Philippines
4 Jan 10
Yes, I have given money to the hopeless. I pity old people who live on the streets. My heart goes out to them. I also have a soft spot for young children who are flower vendors on the street or near the church. I usually give money whenever I feel blessed to have a home and money to spend.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
4 Jan 10
I don't freely give moey away to anyone, especally someone who is "homeless". If I were to give it away I would not know whaere it was going. I think it's a dangerous move. A very dangerous move. You open yourself to danger that way. I think if you want to help the homless that's great. I think there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. For example, A woman came in Pizza Hut with a homeless man. He ordered a Pizza, and something to drink. The woman paid me cash for it directly, and I gave the finished products to the man. I had no problem doing it because the woman paid me for it and it wasn't like the man was trying to get a freebee from the store. In my opinion that's the way to do it.
@mjcookie (2273)
• Philippines
4 Jan 10
I often give them money, especially the old ones and the kids. I think only 5% of the people that pass by them give them money, so I make sure that I am one of that percentage. I just can't bear to see them like that. Our family is not well-off, but every time I see these people, I get reminded of how fortunate we already are compared to them. Most people don't like giving to them they want them to be working instead of passively waiting for some money and food. But they're either just too old or too innocent to be working.