Snowed in!

January 5, 2010 6:43am CST
The weather didn't seem so bad last night, so I parked my car outside my house as usual. Unfortunately, I got a big surprise when I went out to work this morning - there was at least six inches of snow (maybe more) on the car and road. The problem for me is, I live near the bottom of a hill with only one way out (uphill). I tried to get the car moving, but the tyres couldn't get any grip. Even if I could get my car moving, I'd be too scared to try now, in case it slipped on the snow and ice and went into someone's house. So I went on the internet and tried to work out how to get to work (which is several miles away) via public transport - then I got a phonecall from a friend saying a lot of bus services are being cancelled, especially on the side of town where I work. I get the impression that the whole county's grinding to a halt - I've never known it this bad before, it's not like I live out in the sticks, I'm a city dweller. So now I'm stuck at home and wondering if I'll be able to get out tomorrow. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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