Could someone put tattoos on animals?

United States
January 5, 2010 2:34pm CST
I noticed many humans have tattoos but I don't remember seeing animals with tattoos. I read where a person put paint on the scorpion but the scorpion keeps shedding its skin so the paint marking won't be on the scorpion anymore. Is there actually a place where they can put tattoos and piercings on your pets if you payed them?
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@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
6 Jan 10
I really hope that you are joking. If someone puts a tattoo on any animal, there must be something wrong with him or her. If i ever see such a thing i will put a big tattoo on that person myself, for everyone to see, saying 'CRUELTY TO ANIMALS IS AS DUMB AS YOU ARE'. No offence.
@online_jon (1478)
• Philippines
6 Jan 10
Hi spiderlizard22, for me? Animals can able to have a tattoos in their body but it is still depend to the owner of that animal. Well,as far as i know putting a tattoo in the body really hurts because the the tattoo needle pin where they need to scratch your skin. Aw! That's really hurts, imagine how hurt it to animals? Then I know they can able to have side effects on it like they always scratch their skin... Well, if you want to personalize your animals with tattoo. I guess it's better for you to buy a TAG than to hurt your animals by putting a tattoo. By the way, i remember here in our place there was a dog named 'robin'. The reason why it's name is robin it's because of the letter R on it's head. It's really natural and not a tattoo.
@Galena (9123)
5 Jan 10
I had a dog with tattoos. he was an ex racing greyhound, and they are routinely tattooed with identifying numbers in the ears. the technique used isn't the same as when someone has a tattoo. a stamp is made out with the number in dots, the inner ear is painted with ink and the number stamped into it, putting the ink into the number punctures. I think the same sort of thing is done with pigs on farms, I saw it on TV once, and I have actually seen pictures of pigs with artwork style tattoos in Bizarre magazine. I can't remember WHY the pigs were tattooed, but I do remember they were anaesthetised for the process. animals have skin. there's no reason tattoos won't work on them. just hard to think of reasons why it would be necessary. especially now we can microchip animals for identification
@malamar (784)
• Canada
5 Jan 10
Actually, they do put tattoos on animals. Long before the technology of micro-chips was available, both my puppies (miniature toy poodles) had ear tattoos for identification purposes. When one of my dogs was stolen, it was the tattoo that idenified her and led to her return. Without it, I might never have been able to prove she was mine, even though I visually identified her. At the time, the tattoo was placed on the dog's ear in much the same position a woman's earring would be placed.