Minneapolis's "urban hip hop" B96 channel taken off the radio today..

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January 6, 2010 5:14pm CST
Here's the link if anyone cares to read it: http://www.twincities.com/news/ci_14133984?source=rss Today, apparently at noon, B96 (the all hip-hop channel in my area: Minneapolis, Minnesota, of the US) was "let go" from the radio and switched to a top 40 channel. Not that a good portion of top 40 ISN'T rap, but I'm disappointed for many reasons. I'm in shock. 4 of the popular DJs were "let go" and the all hip-hop/R&B music has now added... well, a bunch of top 40 music to it's playlist. This is the radio station that I went to high school with; that attended all of our high school pep fests (keep in mind: I went to a ghetto inner-city public school..So it makes sense) and the radio station that I STILL occasionally listen to (well, LISTENED to) when I was sick of hearing top 40 songs being played over and over again. I'm also depressed because we ALREADY HAVE a top 40 radio station here that's ultra popular - KDWB. Why do we need TWO of these types of stations that are going to play the SAME exact kind of music? Anyway, here is my one rant of the day. Isn't stuff like this so disappointing? (Not that I am a big hip hop fan..But still..). Have any radio stations in your area shut down or changed (for the BETTER OR WORSE) lately?
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7 Jan 10
I've never had that happen to a station I listen to but it sounds disappointing - sorry. :( I get a lot of those Top 40 stations as well, I wish my local stations had more variety.