Why not all people were born rich?

January 8, 2010 8:49pm CST
In this world, the systems seems to be poor, average,rich, and elite. But has it ever crossed your mind why this should be the trend? Are not all people trustworthy enough to handle riches than other people?
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• China
25 Jan 10
if we were all rich don't you think everybody else would get poor? i mean where are we gonna get resources if everybody has it. and we are rich, though not in a sense man can fully understand or appreciate. we are created by a loving God who understands that our sin nature is inherited and that we can't defeat it. so he defeated sin for us by dying on the cross, thereby giving us full access to and the use of all the riches of his kingdom.
@Fulltank (2896)
• Philippines
17 Jan 10
Its because we live in a democratic society where one can do better than the others. Where one can be richer than the other if she/he belongs to the upper class. Its not a perfect system where the harder and more industrious person will have more than the average worker. And yes, the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer.
• Australia
15 Jan 10
Let's play "Suppose" for a while. Let us suppose that all the riches of the world could be pooled and then distributed equally between all people. Every person would have the same amount of money. How long do you think this would last? How long do you think it would be before there was again the extremely poor, the extremely rich, and everything in between? Because of our human nature, there would be those who would connive and cheat and steal, because enough would never be enough. There would be those who would be wasters and who would spend up and drink and gamble and lose all they owned. There would be all types of people and we would very soon be back where we started. Put this "suppose" into a smaller scale. Suppose all the wealth in your town could be equally divided between all people in the town. I am sure you could think of people in the town who would very soon be back to where they were.
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
In my opinion, the reason why not all people were born rich because Money has been the pattern of trade which has been implemented by man and not by God.. Before our ancient times, people way of living is to barter,exchange and sell their commodities to other people. Until, they are able to invent tokens then now what we called money. In reality, Money is the cause of many status comparisons in life. Therefore, it is impossible for all people to be rich. If there are two families who have commodities, the one is able to work hard to sell his items, and the other is lazy to sell his items. Visibly, the family who are able to sell his items is ahead of the other.The productive family has already an investment for his generations while the other one has nothing left for his generations. That is the comparison and cause why not all people were born rich. We are product of the past generations and continue our existing journey. People were not all born rich because of money and many things they had discovered that clearly separate the people . Meaning, People verses People for Material wants and greediness in effect. Inequality over equality. Human over God. But, if in God's eye, all of us are equal and rich. All of us are trustworthy. It is people who make such inequalities about what life to be not God. That is why, boundaries of social financial status really matters at present.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
hello joseph, Just think about this...if we are all born rich and had same range of wealth and money,who do you think will collect the garbage,to clean the chimneys,to clean the streets,to build our house,to sew our clothes...to treat us when we are sick? Do you think some people will become a doctor to serve patients when we are of the same level? Can we asks Bill Gates to build our house?...or ask Prince Charles to fix our toilet? My friend...This is only shows how smart God is...our intelligence is nothing compared to His greatness. Whatever questions we think....HE has the reasons and answers that our human mind can't reach. Happy weekend
@jakie18 (229)
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
hello joseph! It's like asking why are people born with different faces?God wanted us to experience different kind of lifestyle in order for us to appreciate the value of life.If all of us were rich then there's no more challenge.We will all be lazy to work.We will forget about God eventually because we will be more focus on businesses on how to be more richer or how to become the richest person in the world.People have no contentment and I'm sure that if all people were rich there would still be war.Even more because people will fight for power and position.I am thankful that my family is in the average level financially.We can eat 3 or more times a day.have a good shelter, have a small business that supports our daily needs and we have God who continue to shower us with enough blessings everyday.
• India
9 Jan 10
The world we living is too strange and we can see people who are fortunate to be rich and some who are not as lucky and have to work hard to meet ends. We can see some people with out working hard live very happily and lavishly.The answer is not simple because a variety of factors comes into play.Luck plays a very important role in our life.Life is a chance that we all should have to take.If every one is rich,then that society dosent exist.If every one is doing white collar job,then there will no farmers or labors.
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
because if we are born rich, we would be a planet of lazy human beings. and we will not do anything to each other, like helping for example, we will not learn to care for each other anymore, we will not learn to be humane anymore. and important thing, only the poor can inter the kingdom of heaven, the bible says. believe in that! and I DO!