Buying camera

@Hubfee (665)
January 10, 2010 2:27am CST
To choose a camera, sometimes, there're some people conflicting on brands. I'm also a person who loves taking pictures. I love hearing sounds of shutter and seeing things through the lens. For me, brands is one important thing to be considered when I bought a camera. It reputation of the product that it's good or bad, qualified or disqualifed. Nobody wants to buy a poor quality product especially it has high price. Now when we found the famous and trusted brand then people still complain the about the functions, price and start to compare to many brands and model. I see a lot time when some people want to buy a camera and ask for opinions to decide then there'll be some people offend them. Just don't care about them, if you really love taking photo and camera then just learn them and research about them and depend on yourself what brand you like then buy. there're several brands are really popular so which brand you choose is still a very good camera. You can take a great picture is not because of camera only but your skills and photoshop also can help sometime.
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@Torunn (2810)
• Norway
13 Jan 10
As long as there's different brands there'll be different opinions. I think it's the best to try some different camera brands yourself, then decide which one you like best and which one you can afford. I prefer Canon, but because of that I don't think that for example Nikon is bad. It's just not my favourite, but lot of other people like it.