Isn't it funny how we feel the need to clean out the clutter and get organized

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January 10, 2010 2:04pm CST
Isn't funny how we feel the need to clean out the clutter and re-organize our homes, work and lives with the dawn of a new year? While doing that very thing this year, I came across an old notebook that I had written in. It was sort of a journal or sounding board for me. I found some attempts at poetry, some of which I found slightly amusing. Not so much because they were humorous but, because they are still true. I thought I would share this one. On The Inside (Where nobody looks) I am wife. I am mother. I clean the house, Do the laundry, Fix things--find things, And I love it, because I do it for the people I love. Sometimes, I wish the people I love would help But--it would not be the way I do it. So--it would not be right, or good enough. Hats on the table Clothes on the floor Messy bedrooms I hate these things They drive me NUTS! These people I love know this but, they still do it. I'm tired of asking, pleading, nagging, threatening. I get no cooperation. Then--every once and a while--I get a thanks. I come home to a clean house, I get flowers The bedroom has been cleaned..... Simple things that make it all OK... I am wife. I am mother. And I LOVE IT.
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11 Jan 10
That is soooo true! Thankfully I have a hubby I can weasel into doing it for me. He was raised to clean, if there's a crumb on his moms floor is a national disaster. Someday when the kids move out it'll be much easier ;0)
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10 Jan 10
Seems funny, but for me when something like that happens I need to sleep at my grand parents and clean my room for about 3 days until I'm satisfied =/= I also found a notebook more like a scapbook with me and my friends it also had a diary entry from when I was 10 and lots of photos and drawings xDD I'm feeling kind of lame finding it after 2 years of looking for it...
@Hatley (164524)
• Garden Grove, California
10 Jan 10
hi nanamag I just remembered something as I read your discussion, my husband always tried to help and the first few months of our marriage I was always redoing the jobs he did until one day he asked me, why is my way wrong and yours right? I looked at him and the pile of clothes he had folded from the laundry just finished. they were indeed neat but not folded the way I always folded them. but on the other hand the way he did it made them actually fit into my shelves even better. so I said, you just taught me a new but better way to fold towels and sheets. from then on I did not redo his work as most always it was okay if different from the way I would have done it. sometimes we defeat the purpose of another who offers to help when we are too picky. anyway a new year is like a new fresh page, we feel the need to write something down on that page, or clean house on a fresh new year.