Would You Miss Technology If It Were Taken Away?

Carlisle, England
@Janey1966 (24126)
January 10, 2010 6:31pm CST
There is so much technology around us. We rely on computers so much for communicating with others. This site - for example - brings people together from all over the world, which is awesome. Financial institutions would collapse without technology. Mobile phones seem to be like mini computers in themselves. Would you cope if all this was suddenly taken away? Have you tried going out without your 'phone or not logging onto your home computer? I have done both but the former was out of necessity as I could not afford to keep a mobile 'phone anymore. I do have the landline and internet 'phones but I do not miss my mobile 'phone and I've done without it for over a year now. The computer is a different story though. Being away from it for a fortnight recently was a nightmare, mainly because the television at night-time was so boring. Now that I'm back on it the programmes have started to improve! Typical! Is there a major appliance you could not live without? I reckon mine would be the washer/dryer. Fabulous invention if you ask me! As are built-in cookers/hobs, central heating, hot water (think about it), electric kettles, microwaves, hi-fis and the good old telly. Isn't it scary how we rely on all this stuff for day-to-day living? I couldn't live in a cave permanently but sometimes wish I could escape to one...just for some peace and quiet if nothing else!