bukisa is a spam?

January 10, 2010 8:25pm CST
I just wrote 3 articles to bukisa and gain 80 visitor. Why my content status only display 2 visitor?
3 responses
@elenyae (390)
• Australia
11 Jan 10
Maybe because your hits aren't legitimate ones? Their computers are pretty smart...they can tell when you're just trying to jack up your hit counter.
• Malaysia
11 Jan 10
huh?? that scares me. what to do now? i waited 15 seconds for each page to b surf for 80 times but only 2 i get? not fair... anybody knows again any traffic exchange that r legit?
@owlwings (40108)
• Cambridge, England
11 Jan 10
It's unique visits from OTHER users to your articles that counts. It's no use whatsoever viewing your own pages or viewing pages multiple times.
@knrsekar (1009)
• India
11 Jan 10
It seems from one of your other discussions that you have brought the traffic to your article from the traffic exchange site.According to the the terms of bukisa.com, the traffic from such traffic exchange site is is prohibited. You may see this from the 8th terms( account terms ). As the visitors were from the traffic exchange site, they might not have considered.Try to create the flash pages if you wish to use the TE sites for bringing the traffic to such site / articles. This will not be considered as the violation of terms.Also easy hits4u is a legitimate traffic exchange sites and we need not doubt on them. Hope this will clarify you.