Destiny written on the palm of our hand

January 11, 2010 3:06am CST
Do you believe that your destiny is already written on the palm of your hand? I've a friend who knows someone who can read a palm. She's not a professional palmistry, but I admit it she can read well, she did able to mentioned things that happened in my past, because it's written on my hand, I'm kinda amazed on how could she know it. Do you believe on it?
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@levite (1062)
• Philippines
12 Jan 10
I don't necessarily believe on it. Life is always a matter of choices. We make decisions everyday that direct us to our destiny. I think anyone can read your future using palm by a mere guesswork, so it's merely guesswork.
• India
13 Jan 10
dear friend, It's not a guesswork. I'm studding astrology & palmistry from last 10 years.I have lots of clients allover world.Because they me & my knowledge. I'm not magician,I am helping people to take there decisions.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
11 Jan 10
I am not extremely educated on Palm reading but I have read up on it and find it facinating but not as much as some would. Most likely though because I do Tarot readings, Astrology and Numerology and know from experience how incredibly accurate they are so Palm reading if done right I have no doubt can be just as accurate.
@ajax_007 (56)
• India
11 Jan 10
Palmistry or chiromancy is the art of characterization and for telling the future through the study of the palm.I believe because i can read palm.
• India
11 Jan 10
I used to believe in palmistry, because it seemed like it was actually predicting things for me.If we can find a good hand reading person,he can predict our future with some accuracy up to some extend.But,now it very difficult to find a good person who read our hand very well.Some people with out knowing this art cheat people and destroying the reputation of good readers also.Most educated people dismiss astrology as rubbish,but there is something in it. I still believe that more research is needed in this area.