Athiest : can they join the SCOUTS ~ "to do duty to my god n my country "

January 11, 2010 9:57pm CST
that is one of the pledge of Scouts my nephew n his family r athiest ~ in n recent enrollment for scouts he was asked to take oath n he could not do it - he did not want to lie about his believe either ~ so he dropped out i belive we come across so many other situations as such .. cheers
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• India
31 Jan 10
Hello my friend sanjana_aslam Ji, I understand as a scout. I was also a scout. But, we come across many situation in our life. You may ask your nephew, how he would do the rest of life in present scenerio.May God bless You and have a great time.
@Latrivia (2889)
• United States
13 Jan 10
Both atheists and homosexuals are not allowed a place in Boy Scouts and should anyone find out what they are while they are there, they will be turned away. Apparently these Christians can't accept anyone who isn't a Christian.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
13 Jan 10
I think athiest will never be a good scout, so no use of argument. Maybe a pledge in hell for life is appropriate. But wait, I am talking about athiest who do violence, crimes and other wrong evil conducts in violation of the holy words. A belief will always be a belief needed to be respected, unless put it into action, then its another conversation.