DO you use google translator?

@codris (783)
January 12, 2010 12:52pm CST
hi there people, most of the mylot population comes from countryes different from united states or united kingdom wher english is the only language, and maybe sometimes people like me,( i'm from italy) need to use a translator to write something that we can write in our language, i use google translator when i don't remember a word in english. And what about you? do you use google translator? only for english or also for other languages? Thank you for your responses :)
4 responses
@kk1995 (29)
• Greece
13 Jan 10
sometimes i use it
@May2k8 (7253)
• Indonesia
13 Jan 10
Sometimes I use it because one word can be a lot of sense if not translated into my native language. It helps us understand what is being said by others. But unfortunately there is no tutorial on how to use correct sentence structure in the machine translation.
@dragon54u (31657)
• United States
12 Jan 10
I sometimes use a translator when I'm given research material and it's in another language. The problem is to figure out which language it is! I can recognize Latin languages and German (usually) and French but some of the others I have to guess at. I know, I should ask, but I would rather find it myself because then I can recognize that language again when I see it.
@diamania (7036)
• Netherlands
12 Jan 10
I only use it globally understand texts or websites in other languages. I use or for when I don't know a word. All very good websites, mijnwoordenboek is more tailored to Dutch but can still be useful for non-dutchies too.