Is baby aspirin good for our heart?

January 12, 2010 6:46pm CST
I heard someone on the TV says one of her New Year Resolution is to drink baby aspirins daily. I was not able to catch the whole topic and that is only what i heard. I know that people with heart ailments drinks baby aspirin, but I wanted to know does this applies to all adults? Can we drink baby aspirin daily even we dont have heart ailment? I mean as prevention for heart ailments? Or this are only for people who has heart ailments already? Just wanted to know your views about this.
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@Allie_xoxo (1064)
• Canada
13 Jan 10
I read that when having a heart attack, you're supposed to chew two asprin on the way to the hospital. Apparently it could totally be the thing that saves your life.
@PastorP (1174)
• United States
13 Jan 10
Hi yell0wbell. The practice of taking baby asprin is for preventative reasons. I did it for a while, and just forgot after a time to do it. I hear aspirin might bother the stomach so people sensitive in that area should avoid taking aspirin.
@vycess (1590)
• Saudi Arabia
13 Jan 10
Taking medication is serious, you cannot just take aspirin daily without any reason. It must be prescribed by a physician, how much dosage you should take, how often you should take it. Of course it's bad if you will take it and you don't have any heart problems at all, it may cause bleeding because aspirin thins the blood and making blood not viscous. You are at risk to bleeding when taking aspirin.