January 13, 2010 9:46am CST
Loving someone is too risky, you give up the most wonderful things but you still get hurts.You try to stand for it, and yet you fall once again. But then who says love is fair? It isn't and it never was. It was been a months since i experiencing this disease called "heartbroken". I feel empty and worthless. everything i do i failed on it. So hard to move on and so hard to forget about the past. i was in love then but being so stupid i never felt the real happiness and the real love i was looking for. All i found is nothing. Losing the one you love hurts. Some people say you'll get over that person easily but it really isn't that easy specially when the person you love, was the only person you ever wanted. So hard to pretend that your happy enough and yet deep within your soul, you are dying. It's because your still holding on and believing that your still gonna be together? i reckon the only thing that you can do is to let go. But does letting go means a bid farewell or starting a new beginning? Whatever it is... all i hard to let go if you are stranded in this so called "love".
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@taraelocin (1140)
13 Jan 10
It is hard and I hope you feel happier again soon. Disappointed love hurts so much because you invest so much feelings. But once you are with the right person you will get rewarded for investment your emotions.
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
indeed i was deeply hurt.i do hope i'll find the right one so soon.
@kd_fmay (555)
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
We know that Love and Hurt goes together. Cheer up! Learn form others experience how they overcome the same situation you had now. May God's comfort be with you. Pray! God Bless!