How about having a bonus for maintaining a good reputation in mylot?

January 13, 2010 9:54am CST
For those who have discussed about the star icon or the reputaion icon after your name in mylot, here is another idea for it. Why not ask admin to pay extra for those who maintain a good level (or number/score) of reputation so that all members would really be serious about discussions and comments?
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@boogerman (1548)
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
Hello there! Well, there is a bonus already on those with high reputation. The FAQ states that the rating of a user is also a factor for calculating the user's participation earnings. The goal of DRS (Discussion Rating System) is to maintain the quality of discussions and to help properly reward valuable contributions in here. The calculation of participation earnings are not stated but the rating of the user and the post quality are the factors for it. If you want to have a bonus earnings aside from having high reputation, try to get some best responses, you will receive additional earnings for that. For more information, read on the FAQ section. Have a nice day!
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
I agree with you boogerman! theres already a bonus here in mylot and that is the reputation. When your reputation is high your earnings in participation will also increase. Then regarding the bonus you want? I think by giving a good opinion to others regarding their question you already get a bonus by good deed and God will give you a bonus with noticing it. Then last one bonus, i know here in mylot is the best response. When you are choosen by a particular topic starter as a best response you will earn bonus. Well, that's all have a nice day and enjoy mylot.
@owlwings (39362)
• Cambridge, England
13 Jan 10
As it says in the FAQs, the Discussion Rating System is factored in to the Earnings algorithm. How this is done is not specified but it is clear that people who are judged by their peers to have made good responses, comments and discussions are rewarded accordingly.
@anklesmash (1416)
13 Jan 10
i think it is a good idea it would improve the seriousness of people making good quality contributions.I think this should be organised as 1 cent a day for a rating of 1 up to 10 cents for a rating of 10.