I'm having trouble potty training my puppy!

Axel - This is the puppy, Axel. He is about 12 weeks old now! He was born on halloween night. Maybe that's why he refuses to use the bathroom outside! He's such a little rebel.
United States
January 13, 2010 8:46pm CST
Can someone please help me out with this. We've had a new puppy for about 3 weeks now, potty training him the whole time. It seems like lately everytime we take him outside to use the restroom, he refuses. This morning, I was out with him for an hour before he did anything, and once I brought him inside the house, he peed on the carpet, less than 4 seconds later. I've tried treats, i've tried punishing him, i've tried taking him out ever few minutes. What else can i do!
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@michelled (326)
• United States
14 Jan 10
Well first of all u have to make sure the smell of urine is out of your house.... If they smell it there they will go....Second do u crate him....I swear by crates...They work....I have used one for every dog....and i know potty training is a hard task....but crateing helps them hold it longer...and also becomes like a den to Them....And dogs are very clean animals and will not pee where they sleep..... You might want to try takeing him out more frequently...That is what i had to do with my boston terrier to get him trained....Smaller bladder more frequent trips to the washroom.....And do u walk him when u take him out....Walking usally stimulates them to use the washroom......,
• United States
14 Jan 10
Urggg, yes we've tried the crate. It doesn't seem to work. He just pee's and poo's in there, and it doesn't even seem to bother him!
@Raven1 (577)
• Australia
26 Jan 10
Going to the bathroom is a natural behavior for a dog. So punishing him for going to the bathroom is only teaching him that he'll get in trouble if he does it where you can see it. Go outside. Leave him there until he does it. When he does it outside, praise him and reward him. I know it will take some time to get it going, because he'll be afraid of being punished for doing it - but be patient. Take him outside the moment he wakes up and just wait. he'll go. Take him out soon after eating him. He'll go. Reward him lots for it. If he does it inside - ignore him. Dogs find a lack of your attention to be severe punishment. They don't understand yelling or hitting at all. Dogs view this as aggression and they can develop a fear of you because of it. He'll get the idea soon enough. Good luck
• China
25 Jan 10
I've raise a pet for one year and successfully trained her. I have two suggestions. Maybe you can take your puppy to a set place when you forsee he is going to pee. Or you can buy a dog restroom. Put your puppy on it until he pees. Repeat at least three times! I believe he must know what is the right place to pee. Punishment and praisement are all necessary.
@minx267 (14580)
• Hartford, Connecticut
15 Jan 10
Whenever he "goes" outside be sure to praise him.. Or even give him a treat as soon as he is done.. Make sure he associates something fantastic with going outside.. After he starts doing it more often you can even put a command to it.. (I used Get ready- my roommate used go potty- whatever you like) And star praising him with "Good Boy Get ready Outside". These are all words he will learn at some point.. Good boy... Outside.. Get ready.. But they are all together and he will start to understand what you want.. But it really does take patience. And punishing them really doesn't work.. If you catch him in the middle of doing something -quickly bring him outside.. If you enter the room to find a puddle that he did minutes or hours ago.. you can't punish him for it.. He will not connect the 2 together.. He has to be scolded only in the middle of doing something and then shown where it is you expect him to go. Good luck.
@MimiRemo (420)
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
Our dog used to potty on the carpet or on the floor, almost on the same spot everytime. So I made sure to disinfect those areas and get the smell out. I remembered which time of the day she usually pees or poops, and once I see her sniffing and going on circles, I immediately take her out to our backyard. We did not use the crate. Later on, I introduced the words pee and poo, so when we feel like she's about to go or she's biting us because she wants something, and she hears pee or poo, she runs to the backdoor for us to let her out. She was 3-4 months then. Good luck on your puppy.