Is it so difficult to get satisfied??

January 14, 2010 3:52am CST
When does one get satisfied ?? Are you satisfied with your life ??? What more do you want???
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• India
14 Jan 10
This is a simple question, but it will take a complicated answer to cover the subject.Now many people will jump to the conclusion that if they had a crores and crores of bank balance, all their problems would be solved. We do know that a huge bank balance would help many of us with some of our financial problems, but let us look at some real problems.we have three groups of people — the satisfied, the dissatisfied and the unsatisfied. Some are satisfied over their achievements and their status in society. They have no real concerns about tomorrow. In other words, they have it made — they think. Every now and then you will hear someone make this statement: "I got mine, now go and get yours." There is the group that is dissatisfied. Now we see these people every day. They are there on the job, in your family, in your class and they attend church with you. These people are not happy about anything. They do not like their child's teacher, and they are very unhappy with their minister. We must tell ourselves that when we are unhappy and dissatisfied about other people, our job, the boss, the system and everything around us, we are saying that we are not happy about ourselves. People with negative attitudes can turn a sunny day into a rough, stormy day for you. They can bring about a depression that will leave you sick. Isn't it strange that people will go out of their way to make you feel bad? The satisfied and dissatisfied groups are two extremes that we do not need in our lives. We know the traits of both groups. The satisfied group so often has no compassion for others and cannot see the needs around them. The dissatisfied group has many hangups. Every now and then you will hear one of them say, "I just can't stand that person." The dissatisfied group will spend time in making a list of the people that they do not like, and will try to get other people to join with them in this action. People do not need real reason to dislike you. Wonderful things happen in human relationships and within our hearts when we unload the burdens of resentment, conflicts, jealousy, envy and that unforgiving spirit. The third group listed are the unsatisfied people. This is the group where we should find some outstanding people. For the unsatisfied people can look around, as they do, and discover the many opportunities for services to mankind. This group is telling itself that "I have not yet arrived." They know that there are people around us who are in need of many services and help. The strange thing is that man is satisfied with so little in himself but demands so much in others. We cannot be satisfied until we have put forth outstanding efforts in lifting the fallen, helping the weak and the poor, and by all means, we must remember that we are in this together. We must work together to help bring about a quality life in our community. The time is here when we must know who we are, whose we are, and what we are. When this becomes a reality, then we will become satisfied.
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
In life, it is very normal to not easily get satisfied about the things we have achieved. Once we aim for something and fortunately it will be achieved, we tend to look for another aim. I guess it's innate within us already and we cannot do something about that fact. Honestly, i have already achieved some things which were just wishes in the past, and I am thankful for those things. But now that I have already gained those things, I am looking for more. I want to become rich. I want to provide my family a very stable and comfortable life. I want to become more beautiful than I am now. I want to travel abroad for pleasure purposes. Those were just few examples of the things i would like to have in the future.
14 Jan 10
Pure satisfaction will only come for me when i reach the point of Total Success in my life this is balanced between, family, love, business and feelings, each day I work towards this and know as a goal of when it will happen and the steps I need to take to get there, think of your journey through life as a pathway, how you walk it is up to you, but to reach a point of Total Success you have to be at least on it looking forward and moving along dont you.....