Flabs to abs?!HOW?HOW?HOW?

January 14, 2010 5:55am CST
Can I really make it? Sigh...trying to get thinner is a lot easier when you say it rather than actually DO it... I wonder, how I can lose my abdominal flabs (fats) and make it a little sexier...i know diet and exercise goes hand in hand..but man,i love sweets...i LOVE to eat... how can i not eat those mouth-watering-sugar-coated-eyes-dropping delicacies???? i wonder if i can still eat a lot and get that awesome body...perhaps not...i dunno... plus... I can't do a lot of exercise because when i come home from work, i usually am dead tired and after that, i still have to do some chores and to top it of, i don't get a lot of sleep...so how can i work this out?...sigh...
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• Philippines
14 Jan 10
i hear you. but i believe in the maxim: no pain, no gain. all we have to do is to avoid the sweets (gosh, believe me, that's oh so hard to do.. but we must0 and try to use the stairs instead of using a lift... walk... not necessarily have a rigid exercise, just make an extra effort to avoid doing things the easy way around... happy my lotting!
14 Jan 10
thanks greenishpurple....it's just that i sort of want to make this distended abdomen into a hot figure in a faster way...lol... i guess i might try asking for medical support..how about cosmetology?or surgery?which is better?...lol...can't believe i'm saying this...maybe,i'm just anxious to get rid of this fats...
15 Jan 10
I say,there is no quick way. You didnt wake one morning with an extra fat on your stomach,did you.It was building there slowly. So take your time,do it properly, and it`ll stay away forever. Surgery? What will happen afterwords? Are you gonna eat the same food? if yes,then it is a vaste of your money. If not, then try little experiment. Try eating healthy for 4 weeks.You see some changes,more energy,clothes fitting better...
@lexx87 (1711)
• Mexico
29 Jan 10
less carbs , if you are think and u are not fat , the way to have a flat stomach is less carbs ,drink proteins and work out with different exercises ! But if u are bit fattie you need less carbs , cardio between 20 - 40 minutes per day even walking :)
15 Jan 10
You can not outrun bad diet.You have to choose. Do you wanna look sexier,and be more healthie? Or do you wanna eat sweets? Of course,they are mouth watering,well if they wasn`t,would you eat them? You know how bad they are for you,so they have to taste good,otherwise you would not touch them. What sort of job do you do? Is it active job? how about quick session during lunch time? To loose weight,you don`t have to spend hours in the gym. You could easily do it at home. Quick 15-20 minutes session can push you torwards your goal.... The first thing you have to do,is make up your mind,make a decision and then go for it.