home made food

January 14, 2010 11:11am CST
Today me and one of friend went to one indian restaurant. And we ate there very yummy food. The smell remind me my home food what was always made by my mother. The best food in whole is made by my mother. When i was at home then i never realize about this. Now a days i don't get this food so now i can feel what i am missing. please my friend don't ever think that outside food is good then home made food!
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• India
14 Jan 10
home made food is good for health,they wash thoroughly the plates ,vegetables,etc.. we can eat it without any fear..but if you it food in outside like hotels,restaurant's they are not properly made ,they are bad for health,if you went to the kitchen room of the restaurant you never eat it again.....
• China
15 Jan 10
Yes you are right. Though i never went any restaurant kitchen ever. But i heard about that from other. But you know the owner of any restaurant they are very clever. They keep clean and well decorate the outside of the restaurant. I wish all of restaurant hotels owner will keep their kitchen clean as much as possible.
@peavey (16876)
• United States
14 Jan 10
I prefer home made food over restaurant food most of the time. For one thing, it's cheaper, for another, it tastes better with less salt. Then, it's faster to make something at home than get ready and go to a restaurant and then wait for a meal to be served.