Who out there has has a supernatural experience?

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January 14, 2010 3:44pm CST
I once lived in a house that made wierd noises all the time. I always thought I was just tripping. But a couple months of living there I found out a person was murdered there and come to find out it was a little boy. I moved instantly..
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@PastorP (1174)
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14 Jan 10
Hi nikkisfreelance . That is one reason why I anoint houses--demonic activity at times. In answer to your question, I have had many, especially since coming to, and committing to Christ January 1970. While I can not think of any since then that God would permit me to mention, I will tell you that when I was four years old, living in Jersey City, I looked out the kitchen window toward the shed in the backyard, but just to my left and little closer were two "men" looking at me and smiling. Once that caught my attention, and I started steadfastly looking at them, they disappeared. I started to cry because I did not want them to go. Now I know they did not go. And, no, I would not consider them ghosts, but angels. I am not saying I am more special than anyone else. I think this has happened to many people. I still would like to see those two again. Chances are, I'm thinking if I have to die (I believe in the rapture of the Church, so I might not die), I shall see them at that point. Interesting.