Internet ~ a God send gift for Cheats !

@991188 (54)
January 15, 2010 10:19am CST
Suppose you are in West Indies. You can be cheated by anyone from anywhere in the world ! Via the Internet ! Almost 98% of money-making offers on the web are scams. They promise you work from home types of jobs for good income and ask you to register with them paying a small fee through online payment processors. You believe them, join them. And a few months later find out that actually you have been scammed ! No income showing up. No response you are getting from them. Even you cannot contact them. Your 'registration' money is gone ! Millions of people are scammed every day around the world. Why there is no action from any quarter to wipe out this malady ? Can we have a system to track such frauds, cheats who are illegally earning millions of dollars promising people false income opportunities ? Is there any way to stop such malpractices allover the world ?
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@owlwings (40029)
• Cambridge, England
15 Jan 10
The Internet is a free and International forum. It is governed by country laws, however, not International law. If a person sets up an illegal business on the Internet, they are subject to the laws of the country in which they reside, not by the laws of the country which you are in. Yes, almost all of the 'offers' which ask you to pay money to subscribe to or register for their 'work at home' schemes give you false or incomplete information. In fact, most of these people know the law very well and publish disclaimers and let-out clauses in their Terms and Conditions. There is almost always a box to check to say that you have read and agree to their Terms and Conditions. If you check that box WITHOUT reading them, it is entirely your responsibility. There are (and always have been) many cheats and sharp dealers in this world but there are also ten times as many fools who don't read the small print and then complain because they were 'ripped off'.