Is terriorism is due to unjustice

@syedayub (252)
January 16, 2010 3:30am CST
Friends, Is terriorism in due to unjustice, people who suffers due to unjustice done to them, they join hands with the terrors, I think this due to unjustice only. What do you say?
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• India
16 Jan 10
I think no country in the entire universe is free from terrorism.It is effecting day to day life of common innocent peoples.No one like it and interested in this destructive force.Terrorism cannot be fought or prevented by mere expansion of our firepower. To attack it, we need to attack the tools of terrorism and roots of terrorism.One of the primary tools of terrorism is corruption.Terrorism doesn't prove anything! you're not scaring anybody, you're not proving who's more powerful, all you're doing is causing innocent deaths that's leading to more innocent deaths. you're ruining your own life, along with many others.First of all, in order to stop terrorism, you need to know what it is and why it happens.Religion is the main cause of all terrorism.If we treat all religion equally,then there will be no terrorism.But some religious leaders and political leader dont like this idea.They want to create tension amoung people and exploit it to their advantage.No religion is the best, Christianity isn't even holy, Muslims are just as bad.Terrorism doesn't solve anything, it make more problems. killing hundreds of innocent people won't make you look good, it'll just lead to wars. you don't want wars, you want peace. first of all, we need to give peace to get peace, and nobody's giving peace so nobody's gonna get it.
@syedayub (252)
• India
17 Jan 10
thanks for your response, I think there is a word as bad as terrorism.
@joetag (63)
• Philippines
18 Jan 10
I beg to disagree with you, syedayub, because there are terrorisms committed just to pursue personal and selfish interests. I think it does not follow that when terrorism is committed that that person who did it is a victim of injustice. I also think that terrorism is not the answer to injustices. Well, this is just my own opinion. I also respect others' views.