How you remove corruption in world and make the world peace !!!????

January 17, 2010 10:42am CST
I always wonder, how people fight with each other when it comes to sports/life style/God/land or so many other things. I am just trying to find out the ways where people love each other characteristics or life being and respect everyone and their personal stuff. As we came with empty hand and will go empty hand. So why this word "Its Mine" exists. To some extent yes if he is done extremely hard work or has sown love or had took care of it thn ans might be yes. Please i am not interferring in any religion nor country. Bec I respect everyones life style. So please reply your feedback and suggestions on the ways i can find out the world is un corrupted with fully blossom.
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• India
17 Jan 10
There is no equality in many countries,so that's why the problem here,if make the world peace, there's should be equality in all kind of peoples, then only we should get peace and release from this,if every one has equal share ,then no one will poor, the country should follow the strict rules for all kind of peoples they should give punishment to all kind of peoples ,whether he is a rich or poor,the youngsters should come in politics,then only we get peace and remove the corruption.
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
17 Jan 10
Corruption is an incurable illness of any nation. When the opportunity to create wealth is within easy reach these corrupted people will jump on the chance to get the slice of the pie. Politicians are the most corrupted people on earth as they have the power to give out mega projects. They only give out the contracts to those who are giving them under table money. Corruption is very difficult to wipe out.