Is there ANY way to turn your indoor/outdoor cat into..

@maezee (31489)
United States
January 17, 2010 11:13pm CST
..a purely indoor one? Just out of curiousity. We adopted both of my cats (Missy & Dainty) as strays, and they have been "indoor/outdoor" cats (meaning we let them out every day just for a little bit - and then they come back in and sleep and eat and everything), but I sometimes get a little worried for their safety when they're constantly in and out. I wish I could turn them into totally indoor cats, but then again, I don't really know if that's fair to them (when they're used to be street cats), and I don't even know if it's totally POSSIBLE. Do you think it's unfair to not let your cats outside? Especially if that was the habitat in which they were raised in? And have you ever tried (successfully or not) to turn your indoor/outdoor cats into simply indoor ones? Any stories for me?
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@savypat (20247)
• United States
18 Jan 10
I have never has much success doing this, making sure they are happy with their potty box is primary, and making sure that they get enough exercise inside will help. Never let them out after they have been fed only before, that way the motivation to return is strong. This is all I can suggest.
@minx267 (12362)
• Hartford, Connecticut
18 Jan 10
It is possible- they may not be thrilled with it at first but it is possible. I had 17 cats when I moved to a city apartment where it wasn't safe to let them out.. They had to stay in for 4 years in first one apartment and then 5 years in another. Then we got a house.. and they started going in an out again.. We did lose 2 during one of the apartment stays who escaped (one after sneaking into the hall while a neighbor was watching them while I was away for a few days) and another after some kids poked a hole in my bedroom screen window and she squeezed thru the hole.. I am still upset as these were my favorite cats and I put up a search and could never find them.. Started wondering if I had just taught them the neighborhood first if they would have never got lost... :(
@Allie_xoxo (1064)
• Canada
18 Jan 10
I'm personally interested in just the opposite; turning my indoor cat out door. He's adorable and I love him but he's developed some habits lately id rather he do outside. lol.
@Aurone (4758)
• United States
18 Jan 10
I just adopted a cat named Freddie who has been an outdoor cat for 6 months. He is now purely an indoor cat. He seems to be taking it well, no undue meowing to get outside and no door darting so far. I think you could try keeping them indoors and see what happens some cats take to it readily and some never get over being outdoor cats.