I will NEVER purchase referrals on Neobux again!!!

@calai618 (1781)
January 18, 2010 9:36am CST
For people who arent too good in finding referrals, the only way to gain them is by purchasing. Last month, I received my first ever Neobux payment and it was cool to know that they pay instantly. after a few days, decided to allocate my .75 cents to buy referrals because i felt it would be well worth it. i computed for my profit and i was very happy that with the current rate, i was sure to earn around 50 more cents from my referral. Right after purchasing one set (3 refs), i started noticing that my ads were missing. i used to have 4 ads a day and can even reach around 8 ads a day (4 at night and 4 at lunch time). I got really pissed because i never experienced missing ads before. i monitor neobux all day and I never really saw any ads. i have been with it a few years ago and it never happened that time as well. it felt like too much of a coincidence that right after i purchased referrals, my ads went missing. that's not all, we all know that most referrals dont really click that much so te least we can do is to pray that they click at least once a day. My referrals werent that active and they only averaged about 1-1.8 per day and it angers me that they dont click for a couple of days but return after the 5th or 6th day so I cant report them to neobus and have them replaced. argh! a week or two ago, they expired and to my dismay, they were a waste of my money. i didnt earn from them at all. i was around 45 cents short from what I expected from them (4 ads/day for each of them). it really pissed me off. i shouldnt have invested on them. i dont know if it's normal but I just dont like the idea that the constant 4 ads a day suddenly disappeared as soon as i ordered referrals. seemed fishy to me. I should have just kept that .75 cents and I would have been nearing my next payout right now. :( How about you? Have you experienced the same thing? Do you purchase referrals? Do they erally help you earn faster?
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@scififan43 (2440)
• United States
18 Jan 10
I have never been involved in these sites. I do not purchse referals but gave them out but not very many. I do not think I care to be involied in these type of sites.
@shellback (865)
• Philippines
23 Jan 10
I've experienced it too, I've rented 20 referrals for $5 last December 2009 but I've only earned $3 for three weeks period, do I have to get earned $2 for the upcoming seven days? I don't think so, I got disappointed with this, hope to get my $5 back before the one month renting period.
@bhanusb (5709)
• India
20 Jan 10
You will never purchase referrals. But I never purchased referrals from any site. I'm satisfied with my own earning.
• United States
19 Jan 10
My husband bough referrals from neobux and the same thing happened to him! He only did it once to try it out and was not happy at all! If it sounds to good to be true it is! I'm sorry you wasted your money but at least is was only .75 and not more and now you know better for next time! best of luck :)
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@skysuccess (8881)
• Singapore
18 Jan 10
Hi, Honestly, I just find these purchases too good to be true and like all things it will reach saturation point. I am never a believer of paying to earn more especially when it is online. Since when must I be so desperate to depend on these hosts if they are really running a lucrative and viable site to earn money. I feel that these are just gimmicks and another kind of Ponzi model where the ultimate one that stands to gain are none other your hosts. So, wise up my friend and don't give away your hard earned money. Take care.
@Avinigav (238)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 10
Owh.. good to know that now. I just want to buy referral at neobux and bux.to. What do you think about bux.to? Is this site can be trusted too?