Reasons for Low Response

January 18, 2010 11:26am CST
Any person may have many reasons to join myLot and response to discussions or start a new discussion. The most important expectation of starting a new discussion is to get as many responses as possible in the shortest time span and earn more and more. But often it is seen that most of the discussions get hardly one or two responses. Some even get zero. May be the topic is not interesting, not well said, less effective language etc. etc. Can you do a favour by discussing the possible reasons of getting low/nil responses to a discussion.
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@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
increasing the number of friends in your list can also have a chance for your discussion to be seen. i always notify on my friends on my list so i can get on my email what discussion they started so i can have a chance to respond on it. there are members who are not good in english too but they still have responses in their discussion. sometimes there are topics that we think is great but it turns out to be not so interesting with others. there are topics about rice and it gained a lot of responses. there are topic about life but no one grabs the interest. i think if the topic is easy to respond then it will get resposes. i started a discussion about milk and it gained a lot of responses. i guess it is easy that is why they wanted to response. welcome to the wonderful world of mylot and hope this helps
• India
22 Jan 10
Thanks for your suggestion. It is correct that the topic should be as simple and easy as possible to attract more responses. I will definitely follow this.
@1hopefulman (32486)
• Canada
19 Jan 10
Hi Monojdhole! I think you answered your own question correctly. Also it is good to see what kind of topics people respond to and do similar topics if one wants a lot of comments. I just post about things that interest me with the hope that others might be interested as well.