what do you think about the conflict between israel and palestine?

January 20, 2010 1:03pm CST
some people think that Israeli have the right to fight against Palestinians, but i think that they don't have any right;
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@Taskr36 (13923)
• United States
21 Jan 10
I agree completely. They should just throw down their weapons, submit to the Palestinians, and allow themselves to be massacred. Clearly that's the right thing to do. [/sarcasm]
• France
21 Jan 10
i didn't mean that, i meant that they should go back to there main countries, because since they come to Palestine they weren't welcome at all, and don't say that they were there for generation. they have been colonizing the land of Palestinian just after the 2nd WW
• India
20 Jan 10
of course you are Mr. millardos,they don't have right to fight against them,the Israel was dominated by the Israelis,actually the place was belongs to Palestinians,they only allows him to enter and help in past ,but Israelis dominate the places and send them out,so,the Palestinians fought against their rights,that they dominate and theft by the Israelis,in past the India was dominate and rule by Britishers,finally the Indian freedom fighters fought against them and got the freedom likewise only they are fighting ,but still they don't get freedom,definitely in future they get freedom ,god will help him,on that day the Israelis send out soon,like Britishers send out from the India. and this my about this topic.