Move to the Ocean?

United States
August 30, 2006 9:24am CST
Should we develop ways to live in the ocean or underwater, given overpopulation and environmental damage?
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@rainbow (6763)
3 Sep 06
we are already poisoning the oceans and land, were will we move to when the water is as badly contaminated by human waste as the land? Creatures are already extinct due to mans lack of care, maybe we could try the moon and so on and so on. I think we should try to put right some of the damage nut run away and destroy somewhere new, sorry if that sounds a bit blunt, it's not meant to.
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@coolcager (496)
• Costa Rica
16 Dec 06
no we cant develop ways to live in ocean or underwater. because we dont have the technology to do that yet. maybe we have a bigger chance on living in space that the ocean. because how can workers build in the ocean with strong winds and storm. so maybe that is impossible for now maybe later yes. and the ocean and underwater is polluted too. The only way is space.
• Netherlands
4 Dec 06
People will just muck up the ocean floor.
@oscarc (864)
• India
20 Sep 06
at the rate at which buildings are coming up..and the way real estate is being developed on water the future...that could very well happen
20 Sep 06
I thought most companies were already using it as a 'dumping ground'?
@babray06 (1787)
• India
20 Sep 06
Let us leave the ocean at least. Already human population taken up the land. So much pollution all around we have a tough job in our hand to minimize the pollution level. So much land waste is going to the ocean the sea life I guess is in danger as well.
@Aali311 (6127)
• United States
18 Sep 06
Sure why not, it would be cool.