Do you share?

January 24, 2010 10:46am CST
If you've got something on your mind, good or bad, do you share it with people (other than here at mylot) Do you tell the corporeal folk in your life? Or do you keep schtum (quiet) I tend not to talk about too much, purely because if it's good I don;t want to jinx it, stupid I know, and if it's bad...well everyone knows if you don;t talk about it, it wont happen, thats a scientific fact right? How about you? Are you a sharer?
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@mands61123 (2098)
24 Jan 10
depends how i'm feeling i mostly tend to write the bad stuff down rather than share it unless i need an opinion or just feel bit down. I choose very carefully about who i share what to though and only really share with close friends family because I feel uncomfortable telling the world my business (trust issues). I'm much better at writing than talking so i will share much more when i write than when i talk cos i get emotional and bummble my words and can't get out what i want to say. I like to share the happiness more we hear awful stuff everyday i like to be happy and share a smile or a joke those are worth sharing.
25 Jan 10
yeah, they are :-)
@catdla1 (6005)
• United States
24 Jan 10
No. I'm more like a 'bottle-it-up-until-I-can laugh-at-it'-er. Once in a while I vent a little here (mostly about you-know-who), but not too often. I find that talking to the corporeal folk is like dropping a tiny drop of ink in a bowl of water. It expands until it makes a mess of everything.
24 Jan 10
A mess of everything, excellent analogy, and the truest I've heard!
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