going back to the doctor

January 24, 2010 8:33pm CST
well, i have to go back to the doctor today. it has been 7 days today since my surgery last tuesday. but i am still letting out some blood. of course it is no longer active bleeding like when i first went to the hospital, but i am still shedding some blood from time to time. and according to my doctor, that should not be the case. i may still feel some pain and discomfort but there should no longer be fresh blood. if there should be any discharge, it should only be some brownish blood. but i am still in pain, sometime writhing, sometimes just tolerable, eventhough i am still on pain killers. so my doctor said that she will have to check my suture today. i don't know what will happen. but let us pray that the situation can be corrected easily and i would not need another round at the operating room. aside from the pain and discomfort, the operating room would mean more expenses--and the money that we are spending i already intend to spend on my daughter's first birthday on march. it is only 1 month and a half to go. i am just thankful that i still have cash with me, at least i no longer have to borrow money in order to pay the doctor and the hospital. but please help pray for me. thank you all and God bless you! :D
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@rsa101 (16723)
• Quezon City, Philippines
25 Jan 10
I hope everything will be okay for you. Well I guess if the doctor says there should be no bleeding at all then there is something really wrong with it since it still is bleeding. Hoping you would get better soon.
• India
25 Jan 10
What was the problem that you had??.From your description of the problem,I can infer it to be a serious one.Just believe that you will get well.Sometimes Just having belief can produce a miraculous healing effect.Dont give up hope.